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Must-try restaurants in Key Largo, FL

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Key Largo is a haven for those who want to indulge in the authentic and exotic flavors of Southern Florida. With its exceptional location along the coast of Florida, Key Largo offers some of the finest seafood in the world. The restaurants in Key Largo, Florida definitely make it a culinary destination that will impress even those with the most discerning palates.

This sun-kissed island is famous for being the Diving Capital of the World. It’s a top destination for scuba diving, fishing, and snorkeling. Thousands of scuba divers, sports-fishing enthusiasts, kayakers, and eco-tourists head to this island every year to experience its natural beauty. Another thing people come for is the taste of the freshest seafood that can only be found in the Florida Keys.

There are no wrong choices when it comes to places to eat in Key Largo, but there are restaurants that are simply a cut above the rest when it comes to the whole dining experience. This convenient guide has all of Key Largo’s top dining spots and gives foodies an inside scoop on the best dishes each restaurant has to offer.


Happy hour

Bayside Sunset Bar

Italian and seafood

As featured on the Food Network’s “Diners, Drive-ins and Dives”
DiGiorgio’s Cafe Largo

Local spots

Num-Thai Restaurant & Sushi Bar
Keys Bite

Waterfront lunch and dinner

Bayside Grille & Sunset Bar


What sets it apart

Key Largo might be the biggest island in the Florida Keys, but with an approximate area of just 15 square miles, one would definitely be surprised with just how many exceptional cuisines can be found in the locale. Those who are ready to discover the hidden culinary gems of Key Largo will be happy to know that this is a walkable town, which makes a food crawl possible for the adventurous foodie. With exceptional food at every corner, residents and visitors alike can easily drop in on all the famous restaurants in Key Largo, Florida.

Aside from the restaurants and shops in the island that guests can explore, Key Largo’s rich history and geographical location adds uniqueness to its culinary scene. The Caribbean and the Cuban influences are undeniable, and most restaurants have their own version of island flavors. The Upper Keys is a melting pot of people from all parts of the world, further adding to the diversity of the cuisines one can find in Key Largo.

The water-to-table approach to serving dishes is one of the most vital things that set Key Largo apart from other wining and dining scenes. Diners can always find the freshest catch of the day at their favorite watering hole or restaurant. Customers can even bring their own catch from the bountiful sea and most of the island’s premier restaurants can cook it in multiple, delicious ways. From the simple raw presentation to complex preparations, freshness makes everything taste better.

Lastly, one of the most unique Key Largo experiences for visitors is riding a boat to get to a restaurant. Most restaurants here can be reached by both land and water. Guests can conveniently dock their boats at the restaurant’s marina and have a lovely stroll by the water before experiencing the unhurried enjoyment of Key Largo’s culinary delights.

What cuisines to expect

Fresh seafood defines most of the local cuisines in Key Largo and the Upper Keys. Nothing can rival the quality and the flavor of the freshest catch from the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico. At Key Largo, seafood lovers will find Mahi-Mahi, tuna, tarpon, snapper, hogfish, and grouper straight from the waters and cooked to absolute perfection.

The Florida Keys is known for conch fritters, spiny lobster, fresh-caught fish sandwich, local tropical fruits, stone crabs, Key West pink shrimp, and Key West legal rum. The local cuisine has Carribean, Cuban, Italian, and Mediterranean flavors. While savory seafood might seem on top of the list, key lime pie is still the official state food. This citrusy tart treat made from eggs and fresh lime juice is iconic throughout Florida and instantly recognizable.

Many will be hard-pressed to find the best food in Key Largo simply because there are a lot of mouthwatering dishes to choose from. Aside from the exquisite cuisines in Key Largo, the island’s proximity to other Sunshine State food destinations make deciding what to eat even harder. This small slice of paradise is located in the upper Florida Keys and is a short drive from Miami, Upper Sugarloaf Key, Marathon, Islamorada, and Key West.


Sunset at the ocean

Dine with an oceanfront sunset view in Key Largo, FL

There is no better place to experience delicious local cuisine than along the stunning coast of Key Largo. Dining by the water is a true feast for the senses – imagine having the best food the Keys can offer laid out on the table with the sound of the rolling waves of the Atlantic and the sight of one of the best sunsets in the world.

Key Largo boasts of oceanfront restaurants famous not only in the locale but throughout the state as well.

Here are some of Key Largo’s most popular dining hubs and their must-try, signature dishes.

  • Bayside Grille & Sunset Bar
    99540 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, FL 33037

    Set along the sparkling waters of Florida Bay, the Bayside Grille & Sunset Bar offers an elevated visual and culinary dining experience. This relaxed dining spot is located along the Overseas Highway beside DiGiorgio’s Cafe Largo. As the only beach bar and grill in Key Largo, the spot has diners coming from both land and sea to try out their Caribbean cuisine paired with breathtaking views. Their own brand of “Keyribbean Kooking and Kocktails” brings flavors from the West Indies to the Upper Keys.

    Bayside Grille’s fearless chefs are known for adding their own innovative twist to classic dishes that push the boundaries of Florida cuisine. More than just the ordinary seafood staples, the restaurant offers certified Angus beef and the freshest catch from local waters. Those who want to savor the best offerings from the islands should try the Key Largo Sampler, which features 42 lobsters tails, North Atlantic scallops, jumbo shrimp, mahi, crispy crab cake, key lime beurre blanc, crispy capers, and Island rice.

    As one of the top restaurants in Key Largo, Florida, Bayside Grille has all the elements of a wonderful evening after a hearty dinner – lively music, refreshing drinks, and a romantic sunset. Panoramic views of the most photographed sunset in the Keys can be seen from the all-glass elevated dining area. Guests who want to toast to the stunning sunset can get champagne at half the price daily between 4 p.m. to 6 p.m.

  • Bayside Sunset Bar
    99540 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, FL 33037

    When the sun goes down, the music goes up at the Bayside Sunset Bar. Live music can be heard in the wind, along with the crashing of the waves along the shorefront. This oceanside bar is located just below the Bayside Grill restaurant and features live music every day of the week. Its indulgent atmosphere, paired with its unparalleled location, makes the Bayside Sunset Bar the premier nightspot for those who want to unwind.

  • Smiling Asian woman holding a grilled lobster claw in restaurant

  • DiGiorgio’s Cafe Largo
    99530 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, FL 33037

    The First Key in paradise is also the key to unlocking a food lover’s dream destination, DiGiorgio’s Cafe Largo. Situated in the midst of Downtown Key Largo’s top culinary spots, this Italian restaurant has been serving century-old heirloom recipes since 1992. Its mouthwatering dishes have earned awards from Open Table, Trip Advisor, and many other review sites. DiGiorgio’s Cafe was also featured in Guy Fieri’s “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives” on the Food Network.

    The family’s secret to crafting the best Italian food in the Keys is using the finest ingredients sourced directly from Italy and their experienced culinary professionals. Gastronomes flock to DiGiorgio’s Cafe to enjoy the Veal Chop Cutlet Florentine and Truffled Lobster Mac & Cheese. Their tomato pasta sauces and creamy toppings are rich beyond compare and take hours to prepare. Similarly, no guest can say no to their award-winning Aunt Francesca’s Tiramisu.

    The dishes are not the only thing that is authentically Italian in DiGiorgio’s Cafe Largo. As one of the premier restaurants in Key Largo, Florida, DiGiorgio’s also boasts a progressive wine list of Italian and imported red selections along with exotic liquors. The restaurant’s semi-private banquet room is perfect for those who want to celebrate their special event or have a party.

  • Num-Thai Restaurant & Sushi Bar
    103200 Overseas Highway, Unit 3, Key Largo, FL 33037

    Thai food is always tasty. And sushi is always a treat. To be able to order both in one eatery is divine when done right. This restaurant answers the dream with an ambiance that’s both cozy and colorful. Also featuring gluten-free options, Num-Thai Restaurant & Sushi Bar have been given the thumbs up by diners who love their seafood, their great price, the good portions, and varied selections.

  • Keys Bite
    99000 Overseas Highway, Key Largo, FL 33037

    A well-loved local spot that serves the best of what you love and then some. From burp-worthy breakfast burritos and island pancakes to start your day; to specialty sandwiches that hit the spot like Philly Cheese Steak, Reuben, or Cuban; to baskets of oysters, scallops, or chicken wings; to steaks and salads; as well as hibachi grill entries, Keys Bite satisfies every craving under the Florida sun.



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Key Largo is not only a place to savor the sunshine, it’s also a place where one can savor good food and all the amazing things that come with it – good company, good views, and good times. The island is sure to provide unforgettable wining and dining experiences for residents and visitors alike. Those who have experienced the pristine beaches and the best food in Key Largo will easily see how one would want to move to this island in the sun.

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