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Why You’ll Want to Invest in Islamorada Real Estate


Islamorada homes for sale have good investment potential. If you are planning to buy or invest in Islamorada real estate for sale, read on to learn more about Islamorada investment management opportunities and the top reasons to invest in Islamorada real estate.



The coastal village of Islamorada in the Florida Keys is known for its beautiful coral reefs and dolphin encounters. It is located between Miami and Key West on five islands: Tea Table Key, Lower Matecumbe Key, Upper Matecumbe Key, Windley Key, and Plantation Key.

Sitting nicely between the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico, it is also known as the Sport Fishing Capital of the World. It is home to picturesque beaches, plenty of water activities, local cuisine featuring fresh seafood, outdoor adventures, a relaxing atmosphere, art galleries, and cultural centers. All of these make Islamorada an attractive location for real estate investments, especially Islamorada waterfront homes for sale.


A quick check on will reveal a balanced real estate market between buyers and sellers in Islamorada as of April 2023. With both buyers and sellers on equal footing, the most ideal terms can go both ways. Sellers are more assured of a quick sale and a great deal while buyers have enough homes for sale in the market to choose from with fewer chances of bidding wars occurring. Overall, the Islamorada real estate market is ripe for investing in and getting great returns.

Promising market statistics aren’t the only good reason why investing in Islamorada real estate is a wise decision. Generally, investing in waterfront properties can yield promising returns as they are scarce and, as such, much sought-after. This is especially true in Islamorada where its small size and strict building regulations are hampering the increase in supply of real estate for sale. That said, property values are likely to remain stable or even increase over time.

Investing in waterfront real estate also allows you to diversify your assets and provide a stable hedge against other riskier instruments in your asset portfolio. Plus, it makes you eligible for tax benefits, such as deductions for property taxes, mortgage interest, and depreciation.

Here are more benefits and reasons why you’ll want to invest in Islamorada real estate that can help you make informed decisions in finding the right property.

Unbeatable natural beauty, amenities, and lifestyle options

Mother and Son Bonding

Islamorada is known for its picturesque beaches that offer stunning views of the ocean. Investment properties in Islamorada, such as vacation rentals, are in demand among tourists and holidaymakers who want to enjoy the beaches and water activities like snorkeling, scuba diving, and kayaking. Islamorada is also a popular destination for fishing enthusiasts who come to catch a wide variety of fish, including tarpon, bonefish, and sailfish. Furthermore, the waters surrounding Islamorada are home to the only living coral reef in North America, which visitors can explore by snorkeling or scuba diving.

Below are the beach parks you will find in Islamorada:

  • LIBRARY BEACH PARK (MM 81.5 Bayside). The Library Beach Park has a small beach overlooking a mangrove-lined creek and other facilities for visitors, including a playground for kids, a pavilion with grills for barbecuing, an outdoor shower, and public restrooms.
  • ANNE’S BEACH (MM 73.5 Oceanside). Open from sunrise to sunset, Anne’s Beach features a shallow swimming area that is ideal for children and pets. It also has a paved parking area, boardwalk, covered picnic tables, and public restrooms.
  • SOUTHWINDS PARK (MM 82.1).Spanning 1.1 acres, Southwinds Park is found at the heart of Islamorada’s downtown area and features basic park facilities including a pergola, drinking fountain, parking areas, an information kiosk, bicycle racks, and lots of trees and shrubs. various local events are held here.
  • PLANTATION HAMMOCKS PRESERVE (MM 87 Bayside and Oceanside). Rare butterflies can be found flitting among the lush greenery and lovely flowers in this linear park. It is found alongside the Overseas Heritage Trail, the trailhead of which is found in Founder’s Park on Plantation Key.
  • PLANTATION TROPICAL NATURE PRESERVE (MM 90.8).A quaint neighborhood park that’s open from sunrise to sunset, Plantation Tropical Nature Preserve has a kayak launch, nature trail, pathway, gazebo, picnic tables, and the Children’s Memorial Garden. This is another park where you can go butterfly spotting.
  • GREEN TURTLE HAMMOCK NATURE PRESERVE (MM 81.2 Bayside).Enjoy the nature trails at the Green Turtle Hammock Nature Preserve or the waters through its canoe launch. Hiking is recommended more than biking here, given the poisonwood scattered throughout the trail. Even with the challenges the trail presents, going through the tropical hammock habitat is an adventure worth taking.
  • KEY TREE CACTUS PRESERVE (MM 80.5 Bayside). This park completes the list of green spaces maintained by the Islamorada Public Works Department. It endeavors to conserve and protect the endangered key tree cactus which is known to grow only in some parts of the Florida Keys and, possibly, in Cuba, according to The Conservation Fund. The park has a paved pathway, a play structure, picnic tables, and benches.

Other amenities, leisure spots, and lifestyle options you can enjoy in Islamorada also include marinas on the northernmost entrance at Tavernier Creek Bridge up to the southernmost mile marker near Caloosa Cove, boat rentals, unique boutiques, and art galleries and cultural centers that showcase the works of local artists and performers.

Residents and visitors at Islamorada can also enjoy dishes with fresh seafood as the main ingredient, particularly the conch fritters. Just like the rest of the Keys, Islamorada provides a variety of dining options that range from quick snacks to elegant candle-lit dinners. Want to catch your fish and eat it, too? Some restaurants here will be glad to cook your catch of the day just the way you like it. The village also celebrates the annual Taste of Islamorada, where restaurants compete with each other in different categories to show who can best capture the true taste of Islamorada.

Tourism growth

Florida has experienced steady growth in tourism over the years, especially after the pandemic. The Keys and the rest of the Sunshine State enjoyed record-breaking tourist arrivals, garnering 137.6 million visitors in the previous year – a 12.9% increase from 2021 figures when the global health threat forced everyone to remain at home.

Islamorada is no stranger to the steady stream of tourists that come to Florida. given the world-class beaches, perfect weather, and laid-back tropical vibe of Islamorada and the rest of the Florida Keys. Access from the mainland is easy as it’s only an hour south of Miami and accessible via the scenic Overseas Highway.

More tourists coming to Islamorada also translates to a higher demand for short-term vacation rentals – and this is where your real estate investment in the area comes in. The waterfront property you purchase for use (either permanently or only during peak tourist season) as a vacation rental here is bound to attract tourists by droves. That’s because apart from offering a cozier vibe where guests can cook on their own and have sole access to your home’s amenities, rentals usually offer a more inexpensive option to resorts and hotels, as well. This lucrative income potential is probably the most powerful reason why it makes sense to invest in Islamorada’s waterfront properties.

Your contribution to the tourism industry will not only benefit you but the local economy, as well. More tourists mean more business opportunities and an increased demand for goods and services, which can contribute to economic growth in the area. Thus, there will be even more investment opportunities in Islamorada – not just in real estate.

Ultimately, with the steady growth of tourism in Islamorada, the value of waterfront properties here is most likely to continue its ascent over time and provide strong returns on investment should you decide to put your Islamorada real estate up for sale.

Continuous high demand for waterfront homes

Waterfront homes

Located at the heart of the Florida Keys and surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, Islamorada and its waterfront homes are blessed with stunning views and access to a wide range of water activities and lifestyle options. Its appeal resonates across a huge segment of the population, from tourists looking for water-based thrills to families seeking a second home for the perfect vacation getaway, to snowbirds yearning for warm Florida sunshine and a place to spend the best years of their lives in.

Waterfront homes in general are considered safe-haven investments, particularly in times of economic uncertainty or market volatility. As it is a tangible asset with limited supply, investing in a waterfront home can provide you with a secure and stable investment.

Not even a global pandemic could thwart the stability of investing in waterfront homes in the Florida Keys. In fact, the market grew even stronger with the advent of remote work that untethered many employees from their respective offices. Blessed with the freedom to work anywhere, many of these people decided to move to Florida’s coastal areas where they could remain productive while living in more scenic surroundings. This preference for working in gorgeous natural settings continues up to the present even as the global emergency has already been lifted.

As of April 2023, homes for sale in Islamorada were listed at a median price point of $2.3 million, registering a 40.8% year-over-year increase. Home prices here could go as high as almost $30 million, with first-rate amenities like a resort-style pool, private beach and dock, and multiple garages.

Owning a waterfront property can also be a legacy investment that can be passed down to future generations, which could be a great decision as this type of real estate can appreciate faster.


Islamorada prides itself on being a family-friendly place where school-age children can be educated by good schools in the area. It has five public schools that are rated good and higher by Plantation Key School and Treasure Village Montessori Charter School for elementary students and middle school students, Upper Keys Academic Connections for Excellence, Key West High School, and Coral Shores High School for middle and high school students.

Positive new and recent developments and improvements

Significant investments have been placed into upgrading Islamorada’s infrastructure, including improvements to roads, bridges, and utilities. This has helped to improve the overall quality of life in the area and attract more visitors. This includes the reconstruction of the Snake Creek Bridge and the construction of a new wastewater treatment plant. Additionally, Islamorada has invested in repaving roads, improving stormwater management, and upgrading the electric and water systems.

Islamorada has also continued to invest in upgrading its parks and recreation facilities, including the renovation of Anne’s Beach, which now features a new boardwalk and parking lot. In healthcare, the Baptist Health South Florida hospital system opened a new outpatient center in Tavernier and offers urgent care services, primary care, and specialty care.

Some new hotels and resorts have opened in and around Islamorada, thus, helping to boost tourism and attract more investors to the area. Among these establishments is the highly acclaimed Cheeca Lodge & Spa; the boutique resort in nearby Marathon, Isla Bella Beach Resort; and the adults-only Bungalows Key Largo.

Islamorada has also been constantly improving the area’s waterfront amenities, such as upgrading the Founders Park Marina which now offers more slips for boats and yachts. It has also improved its boat ramps and added new kayak and paddleboard launch sites.

The village has prioritized several initiatives to protect the environment and promote sustainability. Islamorada has banned plastic straws and single-use plastics and established a marine debris removal program. It has also implemented a septic-to-sewer conversion program to protect water quality. All of these have helped to maintain the unique character of Islamorada and make it a more attractive place to live and visit. Islamorada is also recognized as a Florida Green Local Government for its efforts to promote sustainability and reduce its carbon footprint.


House investmet.

When you have decided to invest in a waterfront property, be sure to understand what you need to know to get started before looking at Islamorada waterfront homes for sale. Here are some of the most common reminders to consider.

Research the local market

Getting to know the location is always important when buying or investing in real estate; more so, with waterfront homes as they come with special specifications. Here’s what you should look into.

  • UNDERSTAND MARKET TRENDS. This will show you the current and future market trends that will help you analyze market data and identify patterns so you will know when and where to invest.
  • IDENTIFY THE BEST PROPERTIES. By researching the local market, you can identify the best waterfront properties offering the greatest potential for appreciation and rental income. You need to look into the most desirable neighborhoods, the amenities that renters and buyers are looking for, and the types of properties in high demand.
  • KNOW THE LOCAL REGULATIONS. Each location has its own regulations that could impact your real estate investment. Thus, knowing about zoning laws and building codes will be extremely helpful in the formation of your goals for your investment and in avoiding legal tussles in the long run.
  • FIND OUT ABOUT POTENTIAL COMPETITION. Learn about other Islamorada real estate for sale or rent, their asking prices, and their occupancy rates to guide you in your own pricing and investment details.

Hire a local real estate agent

House purchase.

Waterfront properties are niche real estate and, as such, require treatment that is different from your regular single-family homes. That said, you will need a waterfront property specialist to work with in your transaction. These are the qualities to look for in this particular type of agent:

  • LOCAL MARKET KNOWLEDGE. As a specialist in waterfront homes, this agent should have a deep understanding of the local market and can provide valuable insights into market trends, property values, and investment opportunities.
  • ACCESS TO EXCLUSIVE LISTINGS.This specialist should be able to provide access to exclusive listings that are not available to the general public, giving you an advantage in finding the best waterfront properties.
  • EXPERT NEGOTIATION SKILLS.Their sharp negotiating skills built on years of work in this niche segment can help you get the best possible deal on your investment.
  • ONGOING SUPPORT. As a specialist with a genuine passion for the work they do and the clients they handle, they are fully aware client-agent connection doesn’t end with the closing of the real estate deal. They will still be able to provide after-sale support and advice to their clients.

Choosing the ideal property to invest in

Here are some factors to consider when looking for the perfect property to ensure that you make a sound investment decision.

  • LOCATION. Look for properties that are in prime locations with beautiful views, easy access to the water, and proximity to amenities. Real estate in Islamorada has all these and more.
  • PROPERTY CONDITION.It must be well-maintained and in optimal condition, with no signs of water damage or structural issues.
  • SIZE AND FEATURES. There should be ample space for outdoor living and entertaining, as well as features like boat docks, swimming pools, and outdoor kitchens.
  • RENTAL INCOME POTENTIAL. Look for properties that are in high demand and have a history of strong rental performance.
  • LEGAL AND REGULATORY ISSUES. Look for one that is compliant with local regulations and has all necessary permits and approvals.
  • FUTURE DEVELOPMENT PLANS. Consider road improvements, new recreational facilities, or waterfront development projects that can impact the property’s value and potential for appreciation.


Start your real estate investment in Islamorada with Angel DiGiorgio. She ensures a personal level of service to guide and assist you in every step of your property-buying and investment journey. She has been a Florida Keys resident for over 25 years and has been the leader in the Florida Keys luxury real estate market for more than 5 years. Get in touch with her by calling 305.509.0971 or sending an email here.